Event updated November, 1st 2019


    Date Nov,1st 2019.

    Dear Navi Community, Effective November 1st, we have decided to reduced circulated asset from 900B to 90B (90% or 810B Nav1 will be burned). The performance must be done to fasten our goal and milestone and hopefully push the price of Nav1 Token in the market.

    The asset distribution Change :

    1. Weekly airdrop was hold 1000Nav1 to get 100Nav1/wallet/week deduced to hold 100Nav1/wallet to get 10Nav1/wallet/week until 1B nav1 (Was 10B Nav1) distributed.

    2. 1000Nav1 airdrop will continue as it almost finished (about 1500 participants left)

    3. 10% Trading bonus is ending at Nov,1stΒ 

    The 90B Nav1 incirculation Future Distribution :

    1. 70% (about 63B Nav1) will be distributed as future airdrop. (Included 1B Nav1 that is currently distributed as weekly airdrop, as also 10M stored at papayabot for tipping events).

    2. 20% (about 18B Nav1) will be put as ICO at the price 0.0001000XLM/Nav1 as the current lowest prices in the Sdex market. This ICO will be Reserved in Offline Walet for Exchanger Purpose that will Run in Nav1 Apps.

    3. 10% (about 9B Nav1) will be stored as for Future Exchange, reserves, reward and operational.

    Event to continue after Nov, 1st :

    Β 1. ICO initiated at Nov,15th. At the price 0.0001xlm/Nav1 for 18B Nav1. Ends when all 18B Nav1 sold. There are 3ways to get :

    βœ… A. Make XLM transfer of your desired Nav1 amount to our ICO wallet andΒ Complete this form.

    βœ“ Gain extra 10% βœ“

    βœ… B. Open BO (Buy offer) at the price 0.0001xlm/Nav1 and then Complete this Form.

    βœ“ Gain extra 5% βœ“

    βœ… C. Buying (Sell Offer) at existing price in the market and then Complete this form.

    βœ“ Gain extra 10% βœ“Β 

    2.Β  New Weekly airdrop start Nov,1st. By holding 100nav1 get 10Nav1. All wallet must be re-registered to this LINK. Only registered wallet gets weekly airdrop 10Nav1 every Friday.

    βœ… A. Act of unregistered and then registered new wallet will not be rewarded 10Nav1/wallet/week. As your ID will be Ban for entering the airdrop.

    βœ… B. 1user ID have a maximum 1000wallet Registered, Exceed maximum will void your Weekly airdrop.

    βœ… C. Follow our Twitter and Facebook is a must. Make one if you don't have. Double Twitter and Facebook ID is a violation if you have exceed maximum 1000wallet. (Read Point B)

    βœ… D. All participants must join our international telegram group. A valid Telegram ID is a must, Changing your telegram ID will void your Weekly Airdrop.

    3. Nav1SV will continue ico at the prize of 200XLM/Nav1SV until 1K Nav1SV sold. The rest of Nav1SV will be kept for future company ownership initiation. Next initiation Nav1SV will be at 1000XLM/Nav1SV.

    Note : We are not selling Nav1SV offline, if you wanted it, Get it on SDEX.

    4. Nav1 apps still in pre-alfatest evaluations as we found many bugs and irregularity behaviour in the apps. But we are doing our best to deliver. The apps it self contain a lot of system combined, Such as Exchanger, Walet, Market, Socials network, Professional network, and more. Please be patience because it will take a while before we can release the apps. We are doing our best to make the apps awesome.

    Thank you for joining and stay in Nav1 Community, we strive to be no.1 best cryptocurrencies.

    The journey is long, what have set not yet seen, keep holding your Nav1Token. It will served you well in Future daily use.



    Nav1Token Dev Team

    There Will be only 90B Navi Token & 15M NaviSV


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